New Life Project in conjunction with Extreme Mission Adventures was founded 10 years ago in a rural and un-reached community known as San Jose de Pané. The community, along with the surrounding area, has a population of 23,000 and growing of primarily very poor coffee farmers. Since its founding, the project now has grown to 90 students in their education program this year, three churches planted in Pané and the surrounding villages, and many have had a chance to hear the gospel for the first time.

In addition to the former work completed, an average of 8-10 teams have visited yearly with a focus on medical and dental care, a service that is not offered in the communities with the nearest hopsital being hours away. The need was seen 5 years ago to build a clinic, with the short term vision being to establish a building dedicated to medical service provided by teams. The clinic is being finished this month after over 40,000$ over the five year time span had been raised to complete the building.

Last year Jacob Rose, an American working with farming in the area, was put in contact with Blanca, a recently graduated Honduran doctor who desires to serve as a missionary as well. She has expressed her desire to join the effort in Pané spending two days in "office" and three days in the field providing medical care and sharing the gospel to un-reached people at a salary of only 600$ per month. The community and surrounding villages, despite their violence, have welcomed New Life project and have agreed to pay a small percentage of the doctors salary that will be increased overtime to maintain her care in the area.
This medical service provided by Blanca will be paired with my efforts starting farming related projects and training to provide better quality seed and a diverse diet to the people, over 35% of which are still mal-nourished with a primary diet of beans and tortillas.

The clinic is set to open in early May with funds being raised currently. The clinic will need 1,000$/month to operate including doctor salary, basic medical supplies, and other general equipment. In addition to this cost, a need for transport on rough roads in various conditions will be needed. The best option for the area is a 4-wheeler which cost would be roughly 3,500$ with 1,500$ extra per year with gas and possible repairs needed bringing total expense to 17,000$ for the clinics first year of operation.

Jacob Rose, to raise funds in the last week of April will be running the roughly 20 miles from one side of the communities to the other to show the need for transport and raise funds for the 4-wheeler. (Picture Below)

Any assistance toward this project would be greatly appreciated as well as prayers as we push to reach the last of the un-reached people in this area and provide medical to those who have never received any.

Map of Run.JPG

Route of the run, from one side of the communities to the other, totaling almost 20 miles with substantial elevation change.

Farming Project that will be used in conjunction with the clinic to improve overall health and farming practices.

Farming Project that will be used in conjunction with the clinic to improve overall health and farming practices.